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Best Flower Arranging Tips

Best Flower Arranging Tips

Flowers bring a sense of calmness into the lives of people. Flowers set a tone of comfort,  happiness and peace inside a household. But, you need to make sure to arrange them well-arrainged flowers set the tone for everything to be synchronised. Well placed flowers make everything mingle and complement one another. If you are new to arranging flowers, here are some tips which will allow you to be the best.

Always trim flowers at an angle

This is a pro-tip, after cutting your flowers to your desired length, make sure that you are cutting the stem off in an angle. This provides for a larger surface area at the stem for maximum water absorption.  After, your trimming session makes sure that you place them in water immediately after. This because they might develop scabs which makes it difficult for them to absorb water.

trim flowers


Remove any foliage which is placed below the water

Placing foliage in direct contact with the water can lead to bacterial growth in the plant. This makes the plants die quicker. You can easily use scissors to cut off the excess foliage and make sure that it is the stem that stays in contact with water.

Use a clean vase

One of the most important tips that people ignore is the fact that vase needs to be clean thoroughly after replacement of every bouquet. This is because there is a lot of bacteria which floats in the water if it comes in contact with fresh flowers can contaminate the flowers. This is also one of the most common reasons that your flowers die quicker.

Refresh the water daily

This might seem like an extra step, but is one step that will prolong the length of the flowers life. Try to make sure that you change the water which allows you to remove the bacteria. If you find it difficult to remove flowers from the vase, add fresh water to the vase every day. This can allow you to have fresh-looking flowers for longer.

Use fresh local or seasonal flowers

seasonal flowers

To keep your love of flowers alive, try to mix up. Explore the market and look for fresh local and seasonal flowers. Look upon the internet for some of the most common seasonal flowers; this will ensure that your flower can take the wrath of the weather beautifying a room with its freshness.

Use unexpected elements

Arranging flowers is a personal choice and art to accomplish. You can go the non-traditional route to bring the botanical element of the garden into a vase. Add things which are blooming in your garden which will act as an addition to the beautiful flowers as well as wires to keep them together. Your mind is your limit, go creative find the mix that suits you aesthetic well.

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