Area Rugs in San Francisco

You can have an empty room as your canvas and paint it with the most beautiful things, pieces of furniture that represent’s you and your culture.  What you love, part of your job, your nature.  But I truly believe it begins with one piece that you need on a tile floor or wood floor.  In the center of the home, the first thing people will see when they walk into the room.  That is a rug!   

A rug is the piece of the puzzle, the one you need to be able to work around the room and decide on what fits you and your desired room.  It comes in a variety of colors designs soft colors for a sea foam green color walls.  Or can be a colorful rugs so that your eclectic decor can fit your style.  It can be a soft fuzzy rug infront of a fire place to have quiet evenings at home.  Something warm and inviting so your guests feel welcomed.  When I did my room it took me weeks to find the perfect rug.  Once I found it, it was only a couple of days before I found the right paint color for the room and the furniture pieces I had in mind when looking for area rugs in San Francisco.

So decor is very important for people to be able to express themselves and not only feel comfortable and peace in their space but also important for guest and making them feel welcomed.  And let’s be realistic not everyone has that special touch on how to decorate and design your home.

 And sometimes if your not sure how to do it you can always hire experts to help you design your perfect room.  Especially if you don’t have the time, you can tell them what your looking for and they will come up with ideas for you and designs.  But me, I always like going to the home decor stores and seeing what I can find to go along with my decor especially if its on sale.   Sometimes I can get creative and get or buy old pieces of furniture and put them together nicely to go with the rest of the room. 

Like I said it is a blank canvas that you can create yourself to your liking. Theres always classes you can take in interior design to help or make a profession if you love to do that.  But it is always important to start with a focal point something that will captive your guest as soon as they walk through the front door.  And good enough to were they leave they will be wondering where you got it or who decorated you space.  And that special rug that one that catches your eyes, and makes you see stars and you know exactly where it is going to fit and how and what it is going to look good with is the important piece.